Monday, December 14, 2009

Al Gore Let's Make a Deal!!!

Why is it that only conservatives seem to be held accountable for their words and actions? I am a strong believer in accountability but it needs to go both ways.

Former VP Al Gore Jr. speaking at the Copenhagen Climate Summit predicts that Polar Ice will disappear in 5-7 years.

Oh, really??

I want to make him and offer. In 5-7 years if the Polar Ice is gone you can institute any and all climate controls you want and I will be your biggest supporter. But if not you disappear Mr. Gore and never let us see or hear from you ever again.


Think about it, it is not too much to ask. In biblical, Old Testament, times a person would be stoned for making false predictions. I am just asking for him to take his stoned self and go away. I think that is more than fair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's making too much money to quit now. If global warming fails, he'll start some other scam and just keep raking in the $$$'s.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Joe Kelley said...

Al Gore himself has to be one of the greatest causes of global warming. I do not say this glibly. Let me tell you why: I purchased "An Inconvenient Truth" for 50 cents on There are some graphs, and lots of pictures (many of the Gore family), but NO substantive, serious discussion to substantiate his claims. And the book actually has NO FOOTNOTES! There are no sources other than himself for any of the claims he may make. He's not a scientist, engineer, or has any specialized schooling or research background that I'm aware of.

I also bought "The Deniers", a book by Lawrence Solomon that supports a viewpoint very unlike Al Gore’s. It is a compilation of research by a number of scientists—most of whom are Ph. D. environmentalists—who bring myriads of data not discussed by Gore and his fellow conspirators, who draw much different conclusions about what the data means, and about “how bad” the alleged problem is. These environmental scientists ALL recommend waiting for a MUCH LONGER time before deciding to implement some drastic system of carbon taxation. In fact, NONE of them consider carbon taxation to be a helpful idea—and some even prove how this proposed methodology would be harmful to those we are trying to protect—especially in third world countries.

Interestingly, one major point of The Deniers is these scientists ARE environmentalists. In fact, many of them were early proponents of the “global warming” threat—they were not “deniers” at all. But now that further research has been done, and now that they see the extreme and political conclusions that have been drawn, they (and THOUSANDS of scientists like them) are saying either “halt” or “slow way down” on the implementation of global taxation to “fix” the problem.

I say Al Gore is full of hot air, and I don't take him seriously.

3:37 PM  
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Anonymous Doug said...

Al suffers from the same disease as the rest of his followers and socialist friends...blindness of the heart, mind and soul.

10:00 AM  
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