Friday, October 09, 2009

Make Matthew Stafford the NFL MVP Now!

Imagine for one moment if I or someone else were to propose giving NFL rookie, Matthew Stafford the NFL Rookie of the Year and/or MVP awards right now. They would be laughed out of the business. But let's look at some facts.

He was chosen #1 in the draft with such high hopes. He went to the worst team in the NFL and to a very needy city, Detroit. He has played in 4 games and won 1. He intends to lead the Lions to an NFC and a Super Bowl Championship.

Let's just say forget about the rest of the season and award him the Rookie of the Year and MVP awards and the money associated with it right now.

Absurd you say? In the real world you have to earn it? Good intentions are no substitute?

I agree but in the fantasy world of left wing loons, Bush haters, and too many black Americans this is exactly what they have done with Barack Obama. He was elected on high hopes and dreams. He is 8 months into his presidency and has shown nothing for it. Unlike Matthew Stafford, he has yet to win a game.

The U.S. economy is still in the tank, Usama Bin laden is still loose, Israel, Hamas, Lebanon, Syria and every other Mid-east nation are still each other's enemie, Afghanistan is about to unravel, Iran & N. Korea are building and testing rockets are a record pace. Yes my left winged and black friends will say he inherited the mess. I say, ahh yes, I agree, but so did Matthew Stafford.

So, let's end the long standing practice of waiting until the end of the season and give Matthew Stafford his Rookie of the year and MVP trophy now. In receiving the award Matthew Stafford can tell the fans in
Detroit and around the nation that he receives this as a call to action and his continued effort to win the Super Bowl.

Are you with me?

Eddie Huff


Blogger liberty_inquisition said...

Is it true that the Nobel selection process closed two weeks after the election? If so, something seems fishy.

1:21 PM  
Blogger DocGibbs said...

Give a good speech. Win a prize.
(Remember that he was nominated after only about 10 days in office as President back in Feb. 2009...not for anything that he has done since that time!)

3:28 PM  

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