Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lessons From Die Hard- Where's John McClain?

In 1988 Bruce Willis stormed on the scene as Officer John McClain in the first of the highly successful Die Hard Movies. While the others were mostly good, as is so often the case the first installment took us all by surprise and is hard to beat.

No, I am not turning movie critic but I recently had a startling revelation regarding the Obama administration and their posse that fits so well with this analogy, I surprised myself.

Let’s go back and look at the story. A group of terrorists took control of the Nakatomi Bank building. They gave every impression that they were intent on causing a terror incident, and some of them even had prior terrorist credentials and ties. While the local police have no clue as to what is going on, the FBI thinks they do. They are convinced that they are dealing with a terrorist situation. But they are wrong.

So, for the biggest part of the film police, FBI and even the audience is under the impression that we are dealing with terrorists who have political interests. As we learn, however, the villains in the film were nothing more than sophisticated bank robbers. Just common crooks with high tech tools.

This led me to think recently; what if while Republicans and conservatives at large are under the impression that the Obama administration, their cohorts in Congress and their special interests ties are the real life version of the criminals who took over the Nakatomi building? What if we are over thinking this and they are simply sophisticated crooks?

What was the big plan of the crooks in the film to get away with their plunder? It was a plot to divert attention from their real motives, then to destroy the entire building and create such a mess that it would take authorities a very long time to discover what had really taken place.

Could it be that the Obama administration and their posse are doing the same? That they are simply working their plan to rob the biggest bank in the world, the U.S. Treasury, and all of the political stuff is just a diversion?

What if they are purposely destroying the bank and the structure in order to hide the fact that they are simply robbing the bank. By the time we clear the debris they will be long gone.

Who are the perps? The Obama’s, his staff (Czars included), Democrat Party leaders, labor unions, certain banking officials, Acorn, the environmental lobby, and other special interests.

I am not going to get into details as others, Glenn Beck at the top of the list, have done or are doing a great job with in depth research on the money trail. I refer you to him and others in that. I am just wanting to throw a dead body from the 57th floor and fire shots to get someone’s attention that something is not right and needs to be checked out.

The alarms should be going off. Who will respond? It is similar to Office John McClain inside the bank seeing what is going on trying to warn those outside but to no avail. I certainly hope that someone hears, connects the dots and stops the heist before the bank is destroyed and lots of people with it.

Eddie Huff


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