Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beer Summit

Much ado has been made about the Obama/Gates/Crowley meeting in the White House tomorrow. I call it the "Beer Summit." I find it interesting that with North Korea out of control, escalating violence in Iraq & Afghanistan, the economy in peril, energy and health care issues at a critical stage and much more, that the president would find it necessary to have a get together with two men over a local dispute.

Here is what I am really thinking. Are you nuts??!!!! Here I am as a tax payer being asked, actually not even being asked, to pay for a round trip for these men form Boston to DC, food & beer, so the President can have a photo op. Immagine Bill Clinton inviting OJ & Det. Mark Furman to the WH for a beer to resolve their differences, or better yet President Bush asking Kanye & 50 Cents over for beer. Yeah you get the picture.

I have a better idea. If Gates & Crowley really want to make up let them do it in a pub in Cambridge, Harvard or Boston. In their area, and on their dime. Then all President Obama has to do is, in his next press conference, make a very brief statement saying- "I was wrong, and I apologize."

But no, he will not and cannot do that. He can go all over the world and apologize for America's wrongs but he cannot apologize for Barack Obama's wrongs. That is because in his intellectually elitist mind he is never wrong. He is, after all, the "smartest man in the world," and surrounded by the rest of the smartest people in the world.

So, while everyone in the media is trying to figure out which beer the men will be drinking or how they can get in and see or hear what is being said, I only want to know, how much is this costing us, the tax payer, and why??


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