Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NFL vs. Rush Limbaugh- Who's The Real Loser

For the past several days the airwaves, particularly those of the MSM, have been full of news concerning Rush Limbaugh's being part of a consortium of business men wanting to purchase the St. Louis Rams football team. You would have thought Satan was wanting to take over St. Louis and all sorts of ridiculous stories and attacks were being levied against Limbaugh. Rush was painted with the common brush of "racist."

Black Players, the NFL Players Union spokes person, Al Sharpton, owners and even the commissioner chimed in on the matter saying that they would not tolerate Limbaugh's being a part of the NFL.

The most idiotic claim was made by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Karen Hunter, who said that Limbaugh owning a team was his way of being a "plantation owner" owning a group of black slaves. What an ignorant statement. He Pulitzer should be immediately recalled. By this statement Hunter considers black athletes slaves. She was saying it is okay for them to be owned, just not by this master. Another Massah is good, just not Massah Limbaugh.

I also find it interesting that most of the same people who want Limbaugh ostracized are the same ones who think it is OK for Roman Polanski to drug and rape a 13 year old. These are also the same people, the white ones, who do not want Michael Vice to ever play again, or at least to make his life a living hell as long as he does play.

In the end, and to their shame, the group of potential owners caved in and removed Rush Limbaugh from the investor group saying that it was not worth it to keep Rush involved if it risked their not getting the franchise.

In the past 2 days ESPN and other media outlets have been announcing that Rush Limbaugh has been punted, and there is I am sure great rejoicing in this in many quarters, particularly in the black community and on the left. They see this as some great victory. This is very sad. Why? Because I ask the simple question, who really won and who really lost? Did Rush really lose? Did black players or even more so black Americans win?

Rush is still the most popular radio personality in America. He will still earn over $25 million a year, and he will still want Barack Obama to fail. Nothing has changed.

At the same time, will one black child do better in school? Will one less gang killing take place in Chicago, Philly LA. Will the Rams play any better? The answer is of course no. No new jobs have been created and Iran, North Korea are still feverishly building nuclear weapons.

This is a sad state for our nation. Black America in the grip of the Liberal establishment is more addicted to mediocrity than they are to "Crack Cocaine." They are the willing pawns in the Liberal game. This is a sad state. In the end everyone that needs to win loses.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Well said. Thanks! (first time reader..someone linked you on FB)

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was listening to the radio the day Rush said he wanted Barack Obama to fail; i am a black woman and I heard he wanted his POLICIES to fail: i wish black people would insist Rush is antiblack; HE IS ANTI LIBERAL black Ken Hutchinson is one of Rush's best friends!

10:34 AM  

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