Sunday, August 24, 2008

August News You Can Use

Obama picks fiscally incompetent weirdo Joe Biden for VP.

The Democratic Ticket is set.

On Saturday the Obama camp finally announced their Vice Presidential pick. It is Delaware Senator Joe Biden.

In Biden's speech he brought laughter from the crowd when he made reference to John McCain's owning seven homes. However, the bigger news to me was when Biden told the crowd that he was just like "most Americans" sitting at a kitchen table each evening worrying about how to pay bills, before he puts his children to bed. That is very interesting since his youngest child is 28 years old and his oldest is over 40. Also interesting is that Biden, who has been in the Senate for 30 years and earns $165,000 a year, struggles to make ends meet.

Why should we respect a weirdo who still puts his grown children to bed and is so fiscally inept that he does not have a net worth above what he makes annually.

Are Black Republicans fleeing the Grand Old Party for Obama?

According to the AP's Brendan Farrington Barrack Obama is "inspiring" black Republicans to switch Parties. Farrington cites statistics in 4 states as proof that Obama is leading black Republicans to change their Party affiliation. But if one looks at the numbers, the real story is not that blacks are fleeing the GOP in great numbers, the loss in the three states mentioned is under 4,000 with over 2800 coming from Louisiana, the real story is that the Democrats have been able to register thousands of previously unregistered, black voters. I would suggest that many of the GOP defections are most likely inactive black Republicans any way.

The trend that has not been reported on though is that those black Republicans who remain faithful to the GOP are as energized as ever and are beginning to unite and show a much more visible presence. Gone are the days of having showcase "Negroes" who were thought of as representatives of the "Black GOP" such as J.C. Watts, Armstrong Williams, and others. We are now seeing a much greater presence or black Republicans in state Party organizations, networking groups, radio programs, on blogs and other in many other grass root activities. You could say it is akin to biblical example of "Gideon's Army." Gideon ended up with only 300 out of over 100,000 men, yet routed the enemy. There has been a weeding out from the Party of those who are not fit to fight due to fear, or who put their personal concerns above the good of the Party and the nation.

Better off than how many years ago?

I find it interesting to note that the Obama campaign is using the same question that the Clinton Gore campaign did in 1992- "Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?" The question is fair, however it is also very miss leading. The real question should be are you better off than you were 2 years ago, and not 8 years ago. The difference is of great significance and here is why.

Stock market

I use the stock market as an indicator of the health and strength of the economy because it is an indicator of the health of businesses, which drive the economy.

On January 31, 2007 one week after Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats took control of both the House & Senate, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was above 12,600 and eventually rose to over 14,000 points in July of that year. As of this past Friday, just 18 months after the Dems taking power in Congress, the Dow is down to 11,628.

The NASDAQ was at 2845 on January 31, 2001 and 2495 in Jan. 2007, as of this past Friday it is at 2414

The S&P 500 was at 1364 on Jan 31 of 2001, and rose to 1447 in Jan. of 07, as of last Friday's close it is at 1292.

In each case, except for the Nasdaq which was artificially high due to the Tech bubble of the 90s, the indices had risen greatly and then declined to pre-2001 levels following the inauguration of the 110th Congress under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi.


The national unemployment rate on January 31, 2001, when President Bush took office, was 4.5% but climbing. The unemployment rate at the end of January of 2007 when the Democrats took control of congress, was back at 4.5%, where it was when President Bush took office. Today after one year of a Congress under the control of Democrats, it is at 5.7% having risen by over percentage point in a year.

Gas prices

The average U.S. price per gallon of gasoline on January 31, 2001, a week after President Bush was sworn in, was $1.52 The price per gallon the day the new Democratic congress was sworn in January 21, 2007, was $2.18. That is an increase of 66 cents per gallon or 43%. The increase per gallon of gasoline from the day the Democrats took over Congress has risen to $3.69, an increase of $1.51 per gallon or 69%.

Let's look at that. In the 6 years between President Bush taking office and the Democrats taking control of congress gas prices increased by 43%. But in the 18 months since the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi took control of Congress the price increased by almost 70%. If we were to have used the figures before President Bush rescinded the ban on offshore drilling when gasoline was over $4.00 a gallon we would be at a 90% increase.

Let the truth be told

To recap, by any indicator the economy did well from the inauguration of President Bush in 2001 to January 2007 and the inauguration of the 110th Congress under the leadership of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. While the Democrats, and particularly the Obama campaign, attempt to put up a smoke screen to deceive the ignorant and uninformed, the truth must be told. That truth is that the economy has taken a serious turn for the worse since January 2007, when this congress took power. Do not let that fact go unreported. Share it early and often.

One more thing:

Ernie Davis film is an Obama ad.

Have you seen the ads for the Ernie Davis film- The Express? It seems innocent enough and like a heart warming story about the first black Heisman trophy winner, Ernie Davis of Syracuse, who died of Leukemia shortly after receiving the award.

It saddens me, however, that such a great story appears to be another positive thing manipulated and cheapened by Left Wing politics. If you are as atuned as I am to such things it is very easy to see that it is geared to prepare the American public to vote for Barack Obama. I know you are thinking "Eddie is off his rocker & has turned into a conspiracy freak." Hear me now & believe me later. This film is a Barack Obama advertisement. The film has been scheduled for an October 10th release, just about 3 weeks before the election.

If you have not seen the previews it takes us back to the days of Jim Crow & rank bigotry. The one recurring statement coming through in the too oft running trailer is Dennis Quaid's telling Davis, do not let any one keep you from making history. Hmm!! The message is, let's not let anything keep Barack from making history.

Nice try Democrats, but Barack Obama is no Ernie Davis, not even close.


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