Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Was Wrong John McCain is Right!!

As you must know if you read my comments last week on John McCain speaking before the NAACP convention, I was against it. I have to now, however, publicly and humbly admit that I WAS WRONG. While Sen. McCain may or may not have won the majority, if any of attendees over, I believe that this was the best and most clear cut speech, defining the issues and the points of departure with Sen. Obama, that he has given in any venue.

Sen. McCain was gracious, courteous, and respectful. Most importantly he spoke about the need for school choice, tax policy that lowers taxes on everyone including corporations, energy policy, and a number of other issues that affect all Americans, but he delivered these in a manner that so clearly expressed why these issues and the Republican answer is the best and right one for Black Americans. You go John McCain.

I also want to give props to the NAACP convention attendees who showed great courtesy and respect to Sen. McCain.

Below is the YouTube video of Sen. Obama's speech and below that a link to a page that contain's Sen McCain's speech. I encourage you to listen to both. First, Sen. Obama's then Sen. McCain's. I think the difference is overwhelming and I suspect that there are some nervous people in the Obama corner this evening. I apologize but Sen McCain's speech is not on YouTube yet so you must scroll down to the video on the page.

Sen. Obama's Speech

Sen. McCain's Speech



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