Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Can We Please Let The Man Do His Job

The Moment of truth has finally come. The moment conservatives have waited for since the election of 2000. President Bush will finally get to make his first Supreme Court nomination. With this in mind I can understand the excitement and accompanying anxiety that conservatives might feel about the impending nomination. But I have a message for my conservative brothers and sisters: Please let the man do his job.

The simple question to be asked here is, do we really trust President George W. Bush? We have had 5 years now to see President Bush at work. As far as I can tell he has, until now, always been a man of his word. He means what he says and he says what he means. Why should he change now? Did he not say that he would appoint people to the courts who are strict constitutionalists? Did he not say that he is opposed to abortion and same sex marriages? He is not his father, and he is not Ronald Reagan (who gave us Sandra Day Oconner- he is George W. Bush. If we are not willing to trust him with this decision, or any other decision, we should start scraping all of those "W" stickers off of our cars.

To hear some conservatives, you would think Bill Clinton is about to appoint the next judge to the SCOTUS.

They are all up in arms over the possibility of Alberto Gonzalez, a long time friend of the President, being appointed. The reports are that Gonzalez, "may not be conservative enough" on the issues of abortion and affirmative action. First of all Gonzalez himself said, in January, that he will not seek the appointment. Different from VP Dick Chenney, who never said he would not seek or accept the VP position. Secondly, with the long list of good candidates, why would the President need to make this appointment of his "good friend." Mr. Gonzalez is very valuable to the President right where he is.

But even if President Bush were to appoint Mr. Gonzalez, I ask; where is the real harm? At his worst, we can bet he will be more conservative than Sandra Day O'connor was. Futherhmore, as conservatives, we must come to a point where we can see the benefit of incrementalism. This has been the best weapon of the Left. You push hard, take what you get then push some more. Over and over. Otherwise you have to ask for revolution.

Jesus told His disciples to be wise as serpants, yet harmless as doves. I am afraid that too many of us as harmless as serpants and as wise as doves. In plain English we stupidly choose fights we do not need to and end up causing harm in the process. This should not be one of those times.

Let's back up, evaluate and give our input. Then let's let Prssident Bush do his job with our full support. Until he proves unworthy, we owe him that much.


Blogger Craig DeLuz said...

Conservatives who are concerned about the potential nomination of Mr. Gonzalez are justified.

I am apprehensive about any judge who would rule that it is ok to perform an abortion on a minor child without her parents even knowing about it.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Eddie Huff said...


As as ataunch pro-life conservative and father of a daughter who runs the West LA Crisis Pregnancy Center, I too am aware of the importance of this issue. My point, however, is that we should trust President Bush and give him the opportunity to live up to that trust.

I have read the one case that people cite, and frankly, I se the problem as much in the way the law was written as I do the 5 justices (all Republican appointees by the way) who voted the way Gonzalez did.

But we will have to wait and see. I still do not think he is the one.


1:40 PM  

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