Thursday, June 16, 2005

Barak Obama- "The Next Black Liberal Hypnotist!”

Most of Black America is in a deep sleep. This sleeping nation, within a nation, has been receiving a steady dose of liberal medicine for decades, and now finds itself at the brink of cultural, economic and political death.

It’s amazing how the liberal agenda has poisoned the thought process of Backs and kept us dependent on liberal thought. We have taken the whole cocktail of liberal logic and without asking what the effects are. The bedrock of this cocktail is none other than the blind dependence on Government.

To think that government “programs” can solve the problem of poverty in the Inner City is unfounded. Government has only a responsibility to provide a strong military, infrastructure and the rule of law to preserve freedom. No government is capable of solving poverty. The only thing that can eradicate poverty is economic growth and all the factors that come along with economic growth: Employment, Wealth Creation, Capital Investment. All of these improve the quality of life.

LBJ tried to deal with poverty, with the “Great Society Projects”. Just take a look at the Cost/Benefit and you will see that the costs were greater than the benefits when examining LBJ’s government programs. Now we have a black senator on the Oprah Show championing big government and socialism, and black America is taking the poison all in.

Senator Obama, seems poised to be the chief leftwing puppet, and the next black sage of socialism. I fear for my people who are listening to this liberal garbage. Black leadership should be out supporting capital development, Black entrepreneurs and school vouchers which will reduce the poverty rate in urban communities. When people are thirsty they will drink anything and right now Black America is thirsty. Although they will drink anything that looks or sounds good, the only thing that can truly quench this thirst is the active use of capitalist principles.

Submitted by Jesse Stewart


Blogger RaisingPaine said...

Hi --

I went and reviewed Obama's Issue page, just to be sure I hadn't missed something. Exactly what part of his platform is socialistic?

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