Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reaping What Has Been Sown

They are quaking in their boots at the DNC right now. Why?

A recent poll of likey voters shows Democrats the big losers. While GOP support has taken a bit of a dip, with 43% of likley voters having a favorable opinion of Republicans, only 38% of likley voters have a favorable opinion of Democrats.

By the way just in case there are those who feel that this is a spiked poll, taken by Republican or conservative polsters, this poll was taken by the Democratic party themselves.

Could this be a case of the Democrats reaping what they have sown? With all of the anti-American- yes, I said it anti-American, rhetoric it is wonder that there is still that much support left. The Party has been taken hostage by their progressive wing, which seems bent on attacking any and everything positive about America just to get at a President they loathe.

The Democrats refuse to break from the extremists in their Party and instead seem to be moving more and more in their direction. On the other hand, Republican moderates, to my chagrin, seem to be growing and moving that Party farther into the center.

In 2003, when the Democratic party was selecting a new House Minoriry Leader, Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford ran against California Congresswoman Nancy Palozi. Ford warned that a move to the left would lose Democrats in the Heartland. Ford was spurrned and we have seen what Mrs. Pelozzi has wrought.

Just a few months ago the Party once again missed a great opportunity to distance themselves from the Progressive Left, in selecting Howard Dean to lead the DNC. Dean has done nothing but attack the president, his administration, the war, the GOP and the people in Red States. Add to this statements by new Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid attacking President Bushes Judicial appointments, especially the Black ones, with meritless charges, and we see a pattern.

For the coup de gras, we have Illinois Senator Dick Durban comparing our President and military to the Nazis, the Soviet Gulags, and the Cambodian dictator/Buthcher Pol Pot . Wow, does Mr. Durban really believe that?

All the while the Democrats have yet to propose one piece of positive legislation or action. They are against tax reform, they are against social security reform, against the Patriot Act, against judges, against the appointment of e new UN Ambassador, against gas & oil exploration on our continent, and on and on ........

The Ameircan people are asking, what are the Democrats for? Civil Rights for terrorists? A smaller weaker U.S. military? A larger, weaker United Nations? More taxes and more governement control over all aspects of our lives? Being more sensitive to the French & Germans?

The American people as seen in this and other polls, are rejecting the core values, of today's Democratic Party, as reflected on their televisions, and in other media each and every day.

I would say that this is a definate case of reaping what they have sown. The only question that now remains is: will the GOP show themselves strong and fill the gap left by this failure on the other side? I hope so.


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