Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Send The Jackson Jury to Washington

If I had gotten fed up (and believe me I was) with all of the hooplah over the Michael Jackson trial, and the endless punditry, it was all worth it to experience yesterday's verdict and the aftermath.

I do not care what you thought about the verdict, guilt or innocence, that jury was awesome. Think about it, these people sat through months of posturing by lawyers, and even worse posturing and showmanship from supposed professional legal analysts and reporters. In the end, or from the beginning, they made up their own minds.

To see that lefitst darling and attorney, Wendy Murphy melt down on FOX was priceless: "What this verdict shows us is that California juries need to take an IQ test so they can know how to evaluate evidence," she shouted after the verdict was read. Like taking IQ tests to vote Wendy? Only those who think like you get to do it? She went on to imply that young children would now be ravaged by perverts since open season has been declared on them by this verdict. Get a grip Wendy.

To me that jury is a model and hope for America and deserves to be cloned and sent to replace most of our officials in Washington D.C..

Think about it, this jury, of all whites with one Latino, from a community where a black man could not possibly get a fair trial, defied the odds and all of the doubters; they gave Michael Jackson a fair trial. Or more if you believe Wendy.

This jury listened to and evaluated evidence and made up their own minds despite the best efforts of analysts and pundits galor.

They were unanimous in their conclusion that the facts spoke for themselves with no need to look to what if, maybe, or to think about this and that. "The facts ma'am just the facts."

They resisted the pressure of feeling sorry for a so-called victim, looked at the facts as presented and obeyed the rules as presented in the judges instructions. They did not need to have anyone explain what these instructions really meant and what wiggle room they had. "The facts ma'am, just the facts."

They did not look at what may have happened before, or what may happen later, they looked at what happened this time. "The facts ma'am, just the facts."

And they contradicted the polls. Only 1/3 of the American public believes Michael Jackson is innocent. These polls like so many others too often reflect the thoughts of the half-informed, the mis-informed or the uninformed, but who think they have enough information to know better than those on the front lines and that their opinions deserve to be heeded.

This jury was confident, unrepentant, and felt good about itself. And here is the clincher- if it is true that they were unanimous in taking a not guilty vote on the first day, and sticking to that, imagine them keeping it a secret all of those months. What, no leaks, no hint? Wow, when is the last time our government acted that way. That is behavior unheard of in Washington.

Think if we had a Congress, an Administration, oh yes, and a Judiciary, that acted like this jury? Maybe we would get some things done and even be happy about it.


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