Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus Must Go

I have been watching the news and listening to the talk shows for the past few days regarding the Don Imus slanderous insult of the Rutgers women's basketball team.

While I expected the "Left Wing" Media to come to his rescue I was somewhat surprised to see and hear the conservative media come to Don Imus' rescue. Surprised as I was by that, I was shocked to hear and read black conservatives attempt to justify Imus keeping his job.

I urge my fellow black conservatives to stop parroting their white counterparts in everything they say. It is counter productive, and frankly cheapens, if not totally destroying any credibility you may have. At least act as though you have an independent thought.

I would like to remind everyone that a few years ago, Rush Limbaugh lost his job at Fox Sports for simply saying that Donovan McNab was receiving a pass on his poor play due to his race. Now I do not know about you, but in my reading of it, that was not really a negative racial remark, but a positive one. That someone was actually benefiting from being black. Rush lost his job within a day. Don Imus' remark on the other hand was purely a negative racial remark no matter how you slice or dice it. He has received a 2 week vacation begining next week.

"Nappy headed Ho's? " Wow, for once Jesse & Al have it right. No black man should ever excuse such a remark. Why did the female coach of Rutgers have to speak for them. It should have been the president of the Rutgers and every black legislator in New Jersey standing together. If my daughter had been one of the girls, I would have been on the news.

So to hear black conservatives give reasons why Imus should not lose his job is just sad. Imagine if someone sport caster were to call the U.S women's soccer team "poor white trash." How long do you think they would last in their job.

If anything this should be a watershed moment. Imus' firing should be just the beginning of holding all on air personalities accountable. Black & white. No more Honkey jokes on black radio or on black comedy programs. No more reference to our women as Ho's on any on air, black or white. That should be the conservative position. It is not that hard.

It is funny that the word "Faggot," referring to a male homosexual, is now taboo no matter who says it. But black women can be called Ho by almost anyone and no one blinks. If Imus had left the "nappy headed" off the phrase, we would not even be having this discussion.

Let's wake up. Let's take back the dignity of our women, and the culture at the same time. Imus has given us a great opportunity to do that. Let him be an example, as Jimmy the Greek was, in showing that words mean things and that there is a price to pay for what you say, whether you are liberal or conservative. Are you listening Bill Maher? Maybe we can take back the airways one show at a time.

Doing the right thing is doing it all the time, regardless of what the other guys are doing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That being said, Racists Al Sharpton Jesse "Heymie town" Jackson are a menace to society!

Everyone is ready to take on White Imus, but no one condemns a few lunatic Black leaders. Why is that? Perhaps because Imus can't fight back, while Jackson's and Sharpton's surrogate homies can hurt you?

It's pretty obvious Imus isn't the only idiot out there.

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