Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reno 94-Gonzalez 8

Just a quick post to help everyone keep score in the whole Alberto Gonzalez/Justice Dept. affair.

I know "they" the MSM (mainstream media) would like to confuse us in making it seem like a major and complicated affair, but just remember 2 numbers. 94 and 8. 94 is the number of U.S. Attorneys that Janet Reno fired upon day one of being appointed Attorney General and 8 is the number that Al Gonzalez and this current Justice Dept. fired after 6 years.

While I was opposed to Alberto Gonzalez getting the job and had hoped and pushed for Larry Thompson to get it, and while I also do not necessarily feel that Mr. Gonzalez is the best at his job, I have to remember that this is not really about Mr. Gonzalez. It never is about what "they" say it is about. This is, again, simply another back door attempt at getting to Karl Rove, and President Bush, nothing more. Just as the Scooter Libby trial was not about Scooter Libby, or even the lying Joe Wilson & his wife. It was the best "they" could do and closest they could get to the President or Vice President. "They" know that the majority of people do not read about or care enough to understand the facts, therefore, "they" go full steam ahead on these witch hunts hoping to stir enough public opinion to eventually get the White House to say OK we give up, you win, we quit.

If I have one main peeve with the White House it is what I perceive to be a core weakness. By that I mean they are weak in responding to any and all attacks. They have been weak in dealing with the enemies without, and weak in dealing with the enemies within. Just plain weak all around. If you ever wondered why the President's numbers are low, I believe it is because he has been weak and the American people did not elect him to be weak.

Bill Clinton via Janet Reno fired 94 people in the same jobs that the media is now giving this administration grief over because of 8 firings. Did we hear one word about that in 1993? Someone please stand up and yell hypocrites at the top of their lungs. Where were "they," where was the outrage then? The Washington Post ran an article today calling the comparison a "Red Herring," and that there is no equivalence between the 2 cases. You know what, they are right. 94 is almost 9 times greater. I know that is not what they mean, but come on.

If the Bush administration did anything wrong it is that they should have cleaned house at Justice, and State as well, on day one. The Clintons know how to take care of business. The GOP needs to learn from them.


Blogger DarkStar said...

94 is the number of U.S. Attorneys that Janet Reno fired upon day one of being appointed Attorney

You realize that is standard practice.

You also realize politicians contacted AG's asking about the state of indictments of political opponents.

You realize how they crossed the line.

All YOU care about is your POLITICAL side winning, not God's side.

I'll say this again: your politics is your religion.

10:16 PM  

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