Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
July 4th saw Stephanie Wilson, Mission Specialist on Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-121, and the rest of her crew take off for space. Let’s keep them all in our prayers.

Keith Butler has released his first campaign ad for his U.S. Senate bid in Michigan. See it at:

14-Year Old Jonathan Strickland Lands Successfully Back Home. Making him the: Youngest Person to Solo Both a Helicopter & Airplane on Same Day Youngest African-American to Solo a Helicopter Youngest African-American to Fly a Helicopter International Youngest African-American to Fly a Helicopter Roundtrip Internationally Story and video at:

The Bad:
On the evening of June 30th Congress had a chance to deal with the issue of bi-lingual ballots. The 0pportunity came in the form of a vote to de-fund the printing and distribution of bilingual ballots. This vote provided a chance to remove a bone of contention in the reauthorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. A large majority of Democrats and about 1/3 of Republicans in the House voted to continue funding for the bi-lingual ballots in about 21 states. Here is the clincher, the cost of printing promoting and implementing these ballots is $59.8 Billion. That's right billion with "B." Hmm, I wonder how many mouths that could feed, or homes it would provide?

The Ugly:
It is always a sad thing to see Black folks attack one another, but it is especially ugly when we do it at the behest of the white power elite. I hate it when I see black conservatives attacking and degrading their brothers and/or sisters on the left in pubic venues vs. a discussion of the issues. However, I think the New Uncle Toms have slumped to a new low. They are now attacking black pastors who do not bow at the Democratic Party alter. This, I believe, reveals the true nature of these people.

Many of you will have heard about the push by certain "Reverends" to win back black Christians to Democratic Party "issues". Implying that moral issues are irrelevant when compared to social issues, these so-called ministers held a meeting in Dallas to attack mega church pastors, ministries, i.e. T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, etc.. Jackson, Sharpton, and others directly accused the pastors of "preaching a bedroom morality" and "prosperity gospel," while ignoring social needs. I wonder if anyone has put a pencil to the actual charitable giving and ministry of these ministries against that of Rev. Sharpton, Jackson and Lowery. This meeting is part of an all out push by the DNC to attempt to win back the "church vote."

In a separate meeting DNC chairman Howard Dean met with a group of "Liberal Christians" at a 3 day event called "Building a Covenant for a New America" See related stories on both events at: and

What these events show is that the Democratic Party is taking notice of the power of people of faith. Unfortunately, to them it is a matter of votes, and not a matter of core values. One cannot separate faith from moral issues. Remember that Jesus said, "the poor you shall have with you always," meaning we will never eradicate poverty. We each have a biblical admonition and individual responsibility to help the poor and aid the suffering. But that should not be confused with a false notion that this frees us from following the moral truths of God. Those who believe it does do so at their own peril.

I believe that what the DNC has done is to wake a sleeping giant. In attacking these pastors, the DNC and their New Uncle Toms may have picked a fight they do not want.


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