Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Equal Opportunity Offenders

Here is one that will upset White men and Black women all over the world.

Afro-British singer Seal and German, Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum were married, on a beach in Mexico, Tuesday.

People are already shocked & pissed off that academy award winning actress Rene Zelwigger and Country singer Kenny Chesney were married, also on a beach, in the Caribbean , last weekend.

Is there a pattern here? Maybe the couples were together recently, got drunk and said "let's see how many minds we can totally mess with this weekend."

I guess if we see Cowboy Troy's "Hick Hop" release, "I Play Chicken With The Train" hit the top of both Country and Hip Hop charts, Rodney King's work will have been done. We will all finally be able to "just get along."


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