Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Could Lebanon Be Seen As A Metaphor For Black America

I was watching the news this week, as I do lots these days, and as I did so I was struck by an amazing thought. While seeing a report on Lebanon and the recent happenings there, I thought, "man, this is just like Black America." Could Lebanon become a metaphor for Black America?

Here is what I mean. in the late 1970s & 1980s the Lebanese nation was in chaos and its people were in a world of hurt. There was infighting among its various tribal and religious factions and Israel, its perpetual enemy, was wreaking havoc on them. The U.N., in an effort to stabalize things and help the leaderless and directionless nation, commissioned Syria to send its troops in to end civil war, defend the land and essentially help rebuild Lebanon. This the Syrians did, but at a price. Syria ended up making Lebanon an extension of itself and long after stabalizing the land remained to control every aspect of its affairs. Lebanon became nothing more than a Syrian state or colony.

In our own nation there is a very similar situation going on. In the 1950s and 60s, Black America was in great turmoil. We were searching for leadership, we were oppressed from within and without and things looked bad. The "liberal wing" of the Democratic Party was commissioned, if you will, to aid, protect and establish us as an equal and fully functioning people in this nation. Forty years have now passed and things have changed. New paradigms exist and new opportunities are at hand. Black America is much stronger now, and we no longer need the care and oversight we might have 40 years ago. Nevertheless the liberal establishment seems to continue to view us as their own personal domain. The Black community often seems like nothing more than an extension of the leftist wing of Democrat Party. They dictate what we are to think and how we are to act on any given issue.

Just as elements within Lebanese society are rising up to cry for total freedom, there are those in America's Black community demanding the same. As Christians, Druse and Suni Muslims in Lebanon are uniting in a call for the Syrians to take their army and influence out of Lebanon, there are many in the Black community demanding that Liberals take their demands and influence out of our community.

But then there is Hezbollah, who stands with Syria in its occupation of Lebanon. Of course we have our own Hezbollah within our community. Those who feel they will lose their money, power and influence if the occupiers leave. Remember that Hezbollah is a terror organization in Lenabon, supported 100% by sources from outside its own borders and esentially puppets. Yes, there is a Hezbollah in theAfrican American community too. Psycho-political terrorists bent on damaging America as a whole, funded by those outside of our community, whose interests are not necessarily in our best interest.

Black America, like Lebanon, must stand up to our Syrians, the liberal elitists and their representatives, what I call the "new Uncle Toms (our Hezbollah), and we must demand that they leave. We are not the weak, defenseless people we were 40 years ago. We are ready to take our place on the national and world stage.

Only then will we be free and achieve all that we can.


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