Wednesday, February 08, 2006

When Will We Grow Up

I appears that some of the folks at Mrs. King's funeral showed their behinds- again. The Bush hatred has them so confused and messed up that they cannot think straight. The only good news is that they were not all black. A certain peanut farmer showed his as well.

Let us remember that this was Mrs. Coretta Scott King's funeral and a time to remember and to honor her. Period, full stop.!!!

What these people did was to take the spotlight from this great woman, her accomplishments and also the families time to contemplate what their mother meant to them and to the world. These people apparently thought they could use the time to get their 15 minutes of fame. Where I come from this is called lack of class, and lack of respect. If the King family thought enough of the Bush's to invite them the other guests should have had enough respect to at least ignore them.

But they did something else, and reaped an unintended consequence. They have managed to divert the attention from Mrs. King and her greatness to the President and our nation's discourse over various issues. In an AOL online poll 70% of over 100,000 respondents felt that the remarks were inappropriate. This from a pool of voters that is normally upset with the President in poll after poll. His approval rating on Iraq is at 36% on this same forum. What is interesting is that this same poll today then gave President Bush an 83% approval for his remarks. It is appears that the majority of the American people understand that there is a time and a place and this was not the time or the place for this type of discourse. I would venture to say that any poll on this matter will come up with the same or a similar result. But the unintended consequence is that the political attacks upon the President and certain policies have actually edeared him the majority of Americans and may help him gain renewed support.

I am all for that, but I do have to ask my brothers and sisters; when will we learn? When will we grow up.


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