Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quick Thoughts

Hi everyone, I have been out of touch for a bit as I have been pretty busy with various projects.

I just returned from Washington, D.C. on Friday after a week. I was also invited to the White House for the National Day of Prayer Celebration last Thursday. It was pretty interesting to be in the White House and see and meet a lot of people that I have heard or read about. I thought some of you would enjoy the photo above of me and a certain former First Lady.

I want to post just a few short thoughts in this blog and ask you to consider these.

Iraq Is Not Viet Nam

As much as the MSM and Democrats would like to make us think that Iraq is the same as Viet Nam, it is not. There is, however, a very grave danger in pursuing the connection and the Democratic Party is playing a very deadly game. If the American public believes Iraq is another Viet Nam, Al Qaeda and the insurgents win. The problem is that while Viet Nam never had the desire or the intent of moving their fight outside of that nation, Al Qaeda does. Therefore, if we lose the will, and withdraw from Iraq while the insurgency remains powerful, it will be a defeat before a culture that worships strength and despises weakness. They will revel in defeating us, and use that victory to inspire and recruit many to their side in an all out effort to spread radical Islam beyond the region. We will not escape the consequences.

To the Democrats- “beware of what you wish for, keep on and you may get it.”

Democrats Plan- Impeach Bush!

The Democrats want to regain control of Congress this fall. So, if you are waiting and wondering, what their plan for the Iraqi War, immigration, the economy, high gas prices, or any other issue facing us is, let me break it down for you. It is simple- Impeach the President. That is it. They have no other plan. They have already said this is their plan on a few occasions, and you will begin hearing it more and more as the fall elections approach. Imagine it now, 2 years of hearings on what he knew and when. They have no other plan. That should help the economy, fight illegal immigration, frighten Al Qaeda and keep fuel prices low.

So, if you think that voting for them, or not voting for Republicans in the fall, will solve any of our problems at home or abroad and you feel that just getting rid of President Bush is the answer to all of our problems, please go right ahead.

But I told you so.

Fear Not The DaVinci Code

I realize that many believers are up in arms over the release of the film The DaVinci Code. The Catholic Church seems to be the most exercised over the release. I say relax, and do not fear it. In fact those of us who are believers should see it as an opportunity. To quote Joseph, “what you meant for evil (Dan Brown) God meant for good.”

The book has already sold over 40 million copies, and the film may reach an additional 10 million new people that have not already read the book. But look at it this way, many of those reading the book or watching the film will want to look more deeply into the matter. What believers should be doing is to pray for God to increase that interest and hunger, which the film cannot fill, and for an opportunity to share the truth with these people in a spirit of love. Of course this means we need to know the truth ourselves and that means preparation and study. Get to work people!!

I look forward to the discussion and the outcome. Remember, God is a big God, and He can take care of Himself, we can only help or get in the way.

Blessings and grace to all!!